A dream comes true : BETNOTI COLLEGE is the result of unabated enthusiasm and untiring efforts of the local intellectuals and lovers of education. Springing from the long felt need of the locality, the establishment of a College at Betnoti was not an accident, rather
it was a bare necessity for the spread of higher education.

Towards the late seventies when there was a steady proliferation of Colleges in various parts of Orissa, a commercially developed and well communicated locality like Betnoti did not lag behind. Betnoti saw the first sunrise of higher education in 1978. It was in this auspicious year, on the 17th August, Betnoti College was founded in a very serene and sacrosanct ceremony held in the local M.P.C. High School.

Initially, the College started functioning in the High School building with nine lecturers including the Principal in 1978-79 session. The 1st year Intermediate Arts class started with 167 students who had the opportunity of being tought the subjects like English and M.I.L. (Oriya) as Compulsory and Political Science, Economics, History, Logic, Oriya and Psychology as optional ones. From the next academic session Intermediate Commerce class was opened and the Intermediate Science class was opened in the year 1981. In the meantime the Degree Class in Arts had already been started from 1980 after the first batch of I.A. students passed out. The Intermediate Arts, Science and Commerce classes got Government Concurrence and University affiliation from the years 1980-81 and 82 respectively.

The year 1982 opened a new chapter in the short history of the College. With the generous donations from the local enthusiasts a new building was constructed on the College's own land comprising of more than ten acres situated at a distance of one and a half kilometers from the din and bustle of the small town of Betnoti. The College provides a calm and quite atmosphere encircled by tall eucalypatus trees on one side and the simple and serene huts of the adivasis' on the other. First the Arts and then the Science and Commerce classes were shifted from the High School to the new College building.

The Intermediate classes were then converted to Higher Secondary (+2) ones under the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa, with the change in the education policy in 1983-84 session. With the opening of +2 classes two new subjects such as Sanskrit and Education were introduced in Arts Stream from 1985-86 session and +3 Degree class was opened which got Govt. Concurrence and University affiliation in the same year. +3 Degree Science class started in the year 1988 and +3 Degree Commerce class in 1992.

The College got the privilege of imparting Honours teaching in History. Political Science, Oriya, Psychology and Mathematics at Degree level and thus became a full-fledged one. Thus started with only 167 students in 1978, to day after years the student strength of the College has crossed fifteen hundred. Again there is pressing demand from all quarters for increase of seats in all classes.

So far as the building assets of the College are concerned, the construction work is always in progress. Started with the magnanimous donations of the local people, the construction of the College's main building on a master plan is in its full swing with the lump sum grant of the University Grants Commission and the State Government. There is a hostel in the College campus along with another building built for the purpose of vocational education.

The College has a small but rich library catering to the needs of the students and teachers as well. There are separate arrangements of accommodation for lecture halls, Staff Common Room, Student's Common Room (Separate for boys and girls), Science Laboratories, Library, Principal's Chamber, Examination Section, General Office Room etc. However, scarcity of rooms is still a problem of the College which needs the Government's immediate but sympathetic attention.

Thus enriched with certain tangible but noteworthy ingredients like calm and quiet surrounding, symbiotic teacher, student nexus, sound sense of discipline among students, responsibility among the staff and smooth conduct of examinations leading to satisfactory results, the College steps into 29th year of its existence during the current academic session. During these years the strength of the College has been emboldened and invigorated in many respects. The rising strength of students from 167 to 1550, the teaching staff from 9 to 46, the non teaching from 8 to 36 are some of the spectacular achievements of the institution.

Hence, the aims and aspirations of the founders as well as the well wishers of this nascent institution are certainly going to be fulfilled in a positive manner. The staff engaged in it, the management which shares the responsibility of its smooth functioning, the well wishers who are concerned of its well-being and the Governmental authority, all are worthy of taking credit for the steady growth of the Institution.

Let the pure perfume of sanctification burn always, rising higher and higher and straighter and straighter like the ceaseless Prayer of the integral being, desiring to unite with thee so as to manifest Thee.

Awake, Arise and Stop not till the goal is reached.